Founders David and Laura Penton bring nearly 30 years of experience to Fluid Dynamics.  David has worked across many different specialties since joining the pool industry in 1991.  These include maintenance, repairs and construction in both commercial and residential settings. 


David is currently part of the teaching and leadership faculty at Watershape University, as well as one of the co-founders and primary hosts of the Ask The Masters Podcast where he continues to educate other pool and outdoor living industry professionals. 


Fluid Dynamics has been recognized by the International Watershape Institute for continued efforts outside the immediate pool industry.  Additionally David works alongside author Dr. Wallace J. Nichols at the Live Blue Foundation to spread the word about the health and wellness benefits of being near, in, on, and under water.

David has previously been recognized by the Society of Watershape Designers as an SWD Master – the highest level attainable within the organization. 

Pool Plumbing

Martin Martinez is our team lead... he brings 3+ decades of experience and creativity along with a genuine desire to continue learning. He is not only one of the best pool plumbers in all of Southern California, he is a great mentor and teacher to those who work under his direction

Eduardo and Alma Magana – our husband and wife team strengthens the family theme at Fluid Dynamics. Alma leads our scheduling department, and Eduardo has quickly risen to become our #1 field technician working under Martin.

Fluid Dynamics Staff

Janinne Winstel – We call her the “momma bear”.  As a teen she cut her teeth working for her father’s construction company building shopping centers across the Southland. She brings a lifetime of experience and professionalism to our team.  She also promotes the sense of family that our team has come to appreciate.

Rigo Valdin is our Master Electrician. Rigo comes to us via the Photovoltaic Solar Panel installation industry where he oversaw complex solar electrical installations and integration in both the residential and commercial realm.

Our team is balanced out by a staff of field technicians who each bring unique skills to assure that each project is executed with the utmost precision and skill.