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Bel Air

The relationship between a Contractor and a Sub-Contractor can be complex. At Fluid Dynamics Pool & Spa Inc., we understand the nuances of this affiliation. Since the launch of our construction division in 2002, we have been a trusted partner for Contractors and Architects. We are well-versed in the necessary protocols to maintain mutually beneficial relationships.

As a subcontractor, our primary duty is to the professionals who hire us. We recognize and prioritize the sacred nature of the prime contractor's relationship with their clients, as well as design professionals. Our fundamental responsibility is to the entity that engages our services.

Fluid Dynamics stands out in the pool and watershape construction industry. With multiple in-house crews, we offer an unparalleled level of service to other construction professionals who rely on our team's ability to successfully execute any project presented to us.

Fluid Dynamics distinguishes itself from the competition by relying on our highly trained in-house crews for the majority of construction phases. This approach enables us to handle even the most demanding tasks and complex schedules, while maintaining an unmatched level of sophistication and execution. In cases where specialty sub-trades are required, we carefully select fully licensed and insured professionals to ensure the utmost protection for our mutual clients and the firms that hire us.

Our experienced staff is well-acquainted with working on high profile projects and respects the privacy concerns of these clients. Our staff is also sensitive to the the unique demands associated with working on prestigious properties with extremely private clients.

Fluid Dynamics is unique in that the office staff excels in AutoCad, enabling the team to swiftly generate shop drawings and design details to assist the construction process. This ensures that the field crews have a complete and comprehensive understanding of the intricate details needed to execute these highly challenging projects with precision.

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Bel Air
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