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Our Work

Fluid Dynamics stands alone among Southern California's swimming pool construction firms. 

Our expertise is on display as we transform the most intricate and visionary pool designs into reality for the world’s most discerning clientele.

With each project, we consistently strive to surpass expectations, delivering our clients not just pools, but bespoke masterpieces that redefine luxury and craftsmanship.

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What We Offer

Pool Perfection: Discovering the Best Styles and Features for Your Dream Oasis

Pool styles


  • Traditional Waterline Tile Pool/Spa

  • Infinity Edge Pool/Spa

  • Perimeter Overflow Pool/Spa

  • Zero-Edge Pool/Spa

  • Bespoke Aquatic Art

  • Traditional Waterline Tile with Plaster Style Finish

  • Pebble Style Finish

  • Polished Aggregate Finish

  • All Tile Finish

  • All Glass Tile Finish

  • Exotic Finishes

  • Custom Finishes

Just to name a few!

Infinity Pool

  • Boundless Views

  • Tranquil Retreat

  • Architectural Elegance

Zero - Edge Pool style 

  • Seamless Blend

  • Gravity-Defying

  • Uninterrupted Luxury

Movable Floor Systems

  • Innovative design
  • Versatile functionality
  •  Luxurious experience

Pool and Spa Style

  • Elegant spa oasis
  • Tranquil pool sanctuary
  • Relaxing wellness escape
  • -nviting aquatic haven

Lunch and Learn

Architects, Designers and General Contractors looking to take their work to the next level and delve deeper into our offerings or explore potential collaborations, schedule a lunch and learn session with David to discover more together.

Lets sit down and chat

- Showcase expertise and services
- Build relationships and collaboration
- Educate on trends and best practices
- Stay top-of-mind for future projects


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