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Fluid Dynamics Pool & Spa Inc. is Southern California’s premier Pool and Watershape construction firm. 

At Fluid Dynamics we employ:

  • Highly trained in-house professionals to perform most of the critical elements for every project. 

  • World Class sub-contractors to perform

         the exceedingly specialized tasks which we choose not to perform in house.

  • Trusted Sub-contractors with decades         (or generations) of experience that eclipse  even our most demanding expectations.

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Dave Penton- Founder of Fluid Dynamics

Who We Are

  • David Penton, founder of Fluid Dynamics Pool and Spa Inc., has 30+ years of experience in the pool industry
  • Specializes in complex Watershape Construction projects in Southern California
  • Expertise in maintenance, repairs, and construction for commercial and residential settings
  • Co-founder of Ask The Masters podcast and professor at Watershape University  training and mentoring other pool construction professionals
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Accolades and certification

Throughout our three-decade tenure in the industry, we have garnered a multitude of accolades and certifications, a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

What Have We done

We routinely demonstrate the capacity to surmount challenges others have deemed insurmountable.  By setting our sights beyond mere excellence we perpetually surpass expectations.

We are also committed to the betterment of our industry.  We regularly dedicate time to sharing our knowledge and expertise to elevate standards of others within our beloved industry.


Lunch and Learn

Architects, Designers and General Contractors looking to take their work to the next level and delve deeper into our offerings or explore potential collaborations, schedule a lunch and learn session with David to discover more together.

Lets sit down and chat

- Showcase expertise and services
- Build relationships and collaboration
- Educate on trends and best practices
- Stay top-of-mind for future projects


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