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Fluid Dynamics Pool & Spa Inc. is one of Southern California’s premier pool and watershape construction firms. 


From the most exclusive Estate Properties along the coast or in the hills to the traditional backyards throughout the Southland – you can relax knowing that our crews only know how to do things one way – the best way.

Quality doesn’t have to cost more.  Yes we are slightly more expensive than other builders who rely on unlicensed subs, and under-the-table cash transactions, but that is not the clientele who appreciate what we offer. Ask yourself – do you really want to trust such a significant financial investment to a contractor who hires unlicensed subcontractors to execute something so important to you and your family?

At Fluid Dynamics we employ highly specialized in-house professionals to perform many of the critical elements for every project.  We also work with high quality sub-contractors to perform

Los Angeles

the exceedingly specialized tasks which we do not perform in house. You can rest easy knowing that all the professionals working on your project are highly trained to execute every project precisely as you expect. Additionally – our sub-contractors have been working with us for many, many years – and understand the high standards that we demand from everyone who works alongside Fluid Dynamics.

Beverly Hills
Newport Beach
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